Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Faculty of History – FH

Centre for Archaeometry with Conservation and Restauration Laboratory (CASCRL).

The centre was established in 2003 by the Academic Senate of the University of Sofia. Its main tasks are: preparation, coordination and execution of research projects within the field of Archaeological Sciences; to support and coordinate the activities and lab research of all involved faculties (Chemistry, Geology and Geography, Biology, and Physics), especially for the education in the MA Archaeology and MSc Archaeological Science programs;  to initiate and prepare institutional cooperation and international projects and contracts related to scientific research and educational activities. Over 15 projects dedicated to the study of chemical composition, provenance, ore extraction, and artefact production techniques have been realized. The examined materials include metal (gold, silver, copper and its alloys, iron), minerals (stone, amber etc.), glass, pottery, bone, wood, etc. The recording and analysis applies modern methodology for various types of archaeological heritage. The scope and activities of the Centre are constantly expanding through improvements of the available tools or obtaining new technology for the lab.

The CASCRL participates in INFRAMAT with its personnel and facilities for increasing introduction of scientific methods and practices into the archaeological discipline, traditionally within the Humanities and Social Sciences. Another important factor is its constant effort to teach and prepare new professionals in Archaeological Science, conservation and restauration of cultural heritage and artefacts.


Name: Velislav Bonev, PhD
Tел.: 0895 720 400