Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry – IOCCP-BAS

The activities of IOCCP include fundamental and applied research, training of specialists and expertise in the field of organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and chemistry of natural compounds. Research priorities within the IOCCP are directed to: development of new materials for modern technologies and for pharmaceutical applications; isolation and characterization of natural compounds and biocatalysts; development and application of spectral and theoretical methods for analysis and characterization of new materials; innovative developments and technological transfer to start-ups and small and medium enterprises. The Bulgarian NMR Centre Spectroscopy at the IOCCP has unique for the country and the region scientific expertise and state-of-the art equipment for the investigation of nanosized, “soft” and microheterogeneous materials.

IOCCP participates in INFRAMAT with four research teams, which include highly qualified and experienced researchers with competencies in the development and application of: modern spectral and computational methods for structural characterization of new materials; design, synthesis and characterization of multifunctional organic compounds and hybrid organic/inorganic materials; methods for extraction of natural products; methods for analysis of architectural and archaeological artifacts. The scientific expertise of the scientists from the IOCCP included in INFRAMAT covers the following methods for analysis and characterization of advanced materials: 1) NMR spectroscopy, 2) mass spectrometry and chromatography, 3) IR and UV-visible spectroscopy, 4) methods for extraction with supercritical CO2.

IOCCP is a coordinator of the Center for Competence “Sustainable utilization of bio-resources and waste from medicinal and aromatic plants for innovative bioactive products”, and a partner in the Center of Excellence “Mechatronics and Clean Technologies” and the Center of Competence “Clean Technologies for sustainable environment – water, waste, energy for circular economy”, funded by OP SESG. IOCCP participates in the implementation of four National Research Programs, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as several projects funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the EC.


Name: Prof. Pavletta Shestakova, PhD
Tel.: 0887 828 962, 02 960 6136