The National History Museum was established on May 5, 1973. NHM’s collection consists of over 650,000 cultural heritage items and a huge archaeological and historical archive.

NHM participates in INFRAMAT with the Central Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration. CLCR has the status of a national methodological center in the field of conservation and restoration of movable cultural heritage. The specialists in CLCR work in the field of conservation and restoration of archeological, ethnographic and historical cultural items ​​from metal, ceramics, those on paper, photographs, mosaics and murals, as well as samples of easel painting. The research activity is concentrated on non-destructive methods for analysis of the ancient technologies of metalworking, wall and easel painting, technologies used in manuscripts, paper monuments, analysis of historical photographic processes and others.

CLCR offers expertise and relevant equipment for conservation and restoration of cultural property, archaeological finds, documents, paintings, icons and more. Preparation of prescriptions, program or methodology for implementation of conservation and restoration activities. Preparation of text, graphic and photo documentation. Study and capture of cultural values ​​in different ranges of electromagnetic waves IR, UV and visible light. Capture objects by the method of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI). Shooting with GNSS technique. Performing tests with a portable X-ray fluorescence analysis device (XRF).

Contact person:

name: Alexander Vatov
tel.: 029557604134
еmail: a.vatov@historymuseum.org
website: http://www.historymuseum.org