National Archaeological Institute with Museum, NAIM – BAS

The National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (NAIM –BAS) was created in 1949 by a fusion of the oldest and the largest museum (the National Museum established in 1892) – and the Bulgarian Institute of Archaeology, which was the first academic institute in Bulgaria (1921). Currently, NAIM is one of the largest research structures in the field of archeology in Europe, it is based in Sofia with branches in Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo.

NAIM carries out research work in the field of the archaeological cultural heritage with the following responsibilities and achievements:

  • it is methodically responsible for the archeological researches in the whole country,
  • it issues permits for rescue field archeological researches and prepares those for regular excavations,
  • conducts over 60% of the archeological excavations in Bulgaria
  • lead more of the rescue excavations on the largest national and international infrastructure projects. The most important among them are the archaeological work on gas pipelines tracks (Nabucco gas pipelines, South Stream and Balkan stream gas pipelines); the studies on the highways Trakia, Struma, Maritsa, Hemus, Nis-Sofia, Gotse Delchev – Drama, Rudozem – Xanthi, Dzhebel – Makaza; the railway line Plovdiv – Svilengrad; the archaeological work on the Sofia subway.
  • NAIM is also the leader in archaeological researches during the largest private investment projects in the mining industry.
  • the scientific archive of NAIM is the national repository for the documentation from all archeological researches in Bulgaria
  • is responsible for the National Electronic Register “Archaeological Map of Bulgaria”
  • is unique archaeological structure, capable for large-scale GIS field research in the country,
  • conducts geophysical archaeological research,
  • has the best equipped archeological research and restoration laboratory in the country,
  • organizes the annual national archeological reports conference
  • organizes an annual exhibition “Bulgarian archeology in… ..”, presenting the most valuable archaeological project and finds

NAIM participates in INFRAMAT with equipment and leading researchers with high expertise in the field of research, diagnosis, conservation and restoration of artifacts. These competencies are closely related to the main objectives of INFRAMAT.


name: Hristo Popov
tel.: 02 9882406, 02 9881473