National Academy of Art, Department Restoration

The National Academy of Art is the most esteemed higher education institution in arts in Bulgaria. It has been contributing to development of the Bulgarian culture and education for more than 120 years.

The Department of Restoration trains specialists on conservation-restoration of cultural properties. The training is conducted within a five-year course and leads to graduation with a Master’s degree. The Department is the only place in the country providing with PhD research in conservation-restoration.

Within INFRAMAT the National Academy of Arts offers its competence and equipment in the field of research of cultural properties with different material characteristics. Special interest is focused on non-invasive and contactless methods of analysis. These include technical imaging in UV, visible an NIR parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, complimented by specialised photographic techniques. Studies of organic materials are available with portable contactless FT-IR Bruker Alpha II, equipped with reflectance module. Structural anomalies are being studied with Thermal imaging. Microscopic analyses are carried out with Amplival and Neophot. Along with the above-mentioned, the department’s research lab conducts micro-chemical analysis.

The Department of Restoration conducts research on projects, amongst them Technological study of the wall paintings in Rila Monastery, wall paintings in the Russian Church St Nicholas in Sofia, study of paintings from the collection of the Museum of National Academy of Art etc.


Name: Assoc. Prof. Stefan Belishki
Tel.: 0878 311 087