Institute of Balkan Studies and Centre of Thracology BAS – IBS&CT-BAS

The Professor Alexander Fol Centre of Thracology at the Institute of Balkan Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was established as the autonomous Institute of Thracology in 1972. After 2010, the Centre of Thracology became a research unit at the Institute of Balkan Studies with Professor Alexander Fol Centre of Thracology. Its specific sphere of interdisciplinary research comprises the history and culture of the Thracians: Thracian statehood with the political, economic and social aspects of its evolution; emergence of the Thracian ethnos, political and cultural interactions of the Thracians with the other ancient ethnoses in Southeastern Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia Minor; society, way of life, religion and rites of the Thracians; the Thracian, Palaeo-Balkan ethnic, cultural and linguistic elements in the context of the formation of the culture in the Balkan Peninsula and in Asia Minor in ancient times; study of the fate of the Thracians at the end of the Antiquity and their merging to form the ethnic composition of the Bulgarian state. These research trends develop in parallel at the Centre of Thracology and form a complex of mutually complementary aspects, and the Centre is leading in the sphere of Thracian studies.

The IBS&CT-BAS participates in INFRAMAT with the open access e-encyclopaedia Ancient Thrace and the Thracians.


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