New Bulgarian University, Department of Archeology

New Bulgarian University participates in INFRAMAT through the Department of Archeology and the Laboratory of Archaeometry and Experimental Archeology.

The expertise of the teaching and research team of the Department and the Laboratory includes the performance of technical-typological characterization, functional and contextual analysis of metal, bone and flint artifacts, geomagnetic scanning of archaeological landscapes with cesium magnetometer, aerial photographs with drone and photocamera in the near infrared spectrum (NIR), trasological studies of artifacts with metallographic polarization microscope, spatial analysis of archaeological structures using specialized programs (ArcGIS и ArcMap).

The training and research activities in the Department are focused on the following topics and areas: settlement archeology, models of social evolution and exchange systems, ethnic change and migration, transformation of settlement models. Related activities include project work and archaeological research in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Romania and Georgia.

The Department and the Laboratory can significantly contribute to the educational and social goals of INFRAMAT by involving students and young scientists in the use of specialized equipment and thus help their professional qualification and involvement in the field of science and education.


Name: Assist.Prof. Ph.D. Bogdan Atanasov
Tel.: 02 811 02 89
Email: bo.atana@nbu.bg
Website: https://archaeology.nbu.bg/en/