University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Laboratory for Advanced Materials Research (LAMAR)

The University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM) was founded in 1953 in response to the growing need for engineers for the chemical and metallurgical industries. Recently, the specialty areas were widened to nanotechnology and nanomaterials, biotechnology and environmental protection. The university has 3 main faculties and self-standing research units specializing in material science.

The Laboratory for Advanced Materials Research (LAMAR) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory founded in 2005 and approved by the Rector’s Council in 2018. The following research projects can be listed as proof of the successful achievement of the research activities :


  • 03.2005 – 04.2009, EC 6fp IP NMP3-CT-2005-011783, “Nanotechnologies and nanosciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials, and new production processes and devices- MULTIPROTECT,
    Coordinator: Leibnitz Institute for New Materials, Saarbrucken, Germany.
  • 12-2011-05.2014, 7fp Project 286605, SME 2011-OPV, ”Fabric structure for
    solar power generation – FABRIGEN, Coordinator: Inside2Outside Ltd., Cambridge,UK.


  • Multifunctional applications of composite graphene-quantum dots systems (MULTIGRAPH), Co-performers ’ https://iees.bas.bg/bg
  • ISF- No. DМ 19/6 (20.12.2017) –„Formation of anodic oxide and functional coatings on aluminum and its alloys by alternative environmentally friendly methods” (Current).
  • ISF- No. DН 19/1 (10.12.2017) “Metallization of dielectric materials by innovative environmentally friendly electrolytes “ (Current).

The contribution of the Laboratory to INFRAMAT consists in conducting research activities, consolidation of the established infrastructure and presenting the rest participants to National and International scientific and academic organizations for future potential collaboration.


name: Plamen Petkov
tel.: 0898 985 559
еmail: p.petkov@uctm.edu
website: https://mmu2.uctm.edu/wwwlamar/index.php/Home