Institute of Polymers BAS – IP-BAS

The Institute of Polymers at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IP-BAS) is a leading center in the field of polymer science in Bulgaria. Its activities include fundamental and applied research, consulting and expert activities and training of PhD students in the field of polymers and polymer materials. The main research topics of IP-BAS are:

  • New polymers and innovative polymeric (nano)materials and technologies
  • Polymeric materials for medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology
  • Polymeric materials for alternative energy sources and polymers from renewable and unconventional resources.

IP-BAS is a co-founder of the Central and East European Polymer Network (CEEPN) and since 2014 is a member of ЕЕRА. Currently, IP-BAS is a partnering organization in the establishment of the National Center of Excellence in Mechatronics and Clean Technologies and two Centers of Competence – “Sustainable Utilization of Bio-resources and Waste of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Innovative Bioactive Products” and “HITMOBIL – Technologies for generating, storing and consuming clean energy”, funded by the Operational Program “Science and Education for Smart Growth”. IP-BAS is a partnering organization of companies for the implementation of two projects funded by the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness”

IP-BAS is a partnering organization and participates in INFRAMAT with specialized equipment and leading researchers with a high quality of expertise in the field of polymerization techniques; design of polymeric materials – networks and gels, nanostructured and nanosized particles, layers and fibers; characterization of polymers and polymer composites – composition, molecular weight characteristics, structure/morphology, viscosity and rheological properties, thermal parameters; physicomechanical properties; size/shape/mass of the nanoparticles (micelles, complexes, aggregates and liposomes) in solution, etc.


Name: Prof. Neli Koseva, PhD
Tel.: 0879 294 361, 0888 132 063, 02 979 22 03
Email: koseva@polymer.bas.bg
Website: http://www.polymer.bas.bg/