Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies Acad. Jordan Malinowski – IOMT-BAS

The Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies „Acad. J. Malinowski” develops methods and technologies for optical applications and flexible transparent electronics. Innovative products for application in the field of sensor technique, organic optoelectronics, renewable energy sources and biomedical engineering are under development. Intensive work is focused on development of novel materials and registration systems for ecology, biomedicine, food industry, non-destructive testing and cultural heritage protection.

The research work in IOMT is carried out in two main scientific departments:

  • Optical materials
  • Optical metrology and holography

IOMT is actively working on numerous projects, and in 2019 the total number of going and starting projects was 49 of which 21 were funded by the NSF (National Science Fund), 3 – by  the COST program and 2 projects were supported by Human Resource Development Centre (Erasmus program). IOMT is a partner in project for development of Centre for Excellence “Mechatronics and clean technologies”. IOMT is also working as a partner in a projects funded by Horizon 2020 program, as well as in European project under the M-ERA program.

As a member of the INFRAMAT scientific infrastructure, IOMT offers its expertise in the field of optical, structural and morphological characterization of various materials and objects, as well as in the field of development of materials and structures for modern applications.


Name: Ch.Assist. Prof. Katerina Lazarova, PhD
Tel.: +359 2 979 35 26