Institute of Catalysis BAS – IC-BAS

Institute of Catalysis is a leading center for research, applied science and innovations. It is also training center for specialists in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe in basic and applied research in the field of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, chemical kinetics, chemical stabilization and specific research methods applicable in catalysis. Institute of Catalysis conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of catalysis and the creation of new catalytic materials with a regulated structure and properties. Research in the Institute can be grouped into four main areas:

  • mechanism of catalytic reactions; kinetics of catalytic reactions in stationary and non-stationary conditions; surface physical chemistry; ecological catalysis;
  • development of modern methods for selection and synthesis of catalysts, development of new nanostructured catalytic materials and new industrial catalysts and adsorbents, catalyst supports, photocatalysts. The investigated catalysts are for application in organic synthesis, petrochemistry, oil refining, for use in the field of environmental protection and for obtaining clean energy;
  • application of physical, physicochemical and quantum chemical methods for characterization of the composition and structure of materials;
  • chemical stabilization of materials and tribochemical activation.

IC-BAS participates in the scientific infrastructure INFRAMAT with established research laboratories, qualified staff, experience and knowledge in the field of spectral methods for material analysis (UV-visible, infrared, X-ray photoelectron, Mössbauer and EPR spectroscopies), research on catalytic activity with application in environmental protection, for obtaining clean energy, chemical stabilization of materials and for improving the quality of life.


Name: Prof. Yuri Kalvachev, PhD
Tel.: 0878 457 425, 02 979 39 89
Email: kalvachev@ic.bas.bg
Website: http://www.ic.bas.bg/index.php?lang=2&pid=1