Institute of Еlectrochemistry and Еnergy Systems Academician Evgeni Budevski BAS

The Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems is one of the chemical institutes of BAS and a leading scientific organization in the region in the field of electrochemical power sources and systems for energy storage and conversion.

IEES successfully applies the fundamental achievements of electrochemistry for the development of innovative electrochemical systems in two main thematic areas – batteries and hydrogen energy. The activity of IEES extends from the development of new materials through the creation and testing of components to the production of laboratory prototypes and semi-industrial safety systems. The institute has the most modern equipment, computerized stands for testing and data analysis, which makes it a recognized international expert center for the development and implementation of innovative ideas and new technologies.

The scientific policy of IEES follows the main ideas of the European Research Area by pursuing a personnel policy for successful realization and career development of young scientists, ensuring continuity of experience and knowledge.

IEES is the founder of the Bulgarian Electrochemical Society and co-founder of the Bulgarian Hydrogen Society and the Bulgarian Association for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Energy Storage. IEES is the coordinator of NI “Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energetics” and is a partner in the national CPC “Mechatronics and Clean Technologies”. The Institute is a leading organization in the implementation of Central of Competence “HITMOBIL” and National Research Program “E +: Low Carbon Energy for Transport and Domestic Use”.

In INFRAMAT IEES offers infrastructure and exellent competence to modern techniques and methods for the  individual stap kinetic and/or complete electrochemical characterization of a large scale of processes and objects: corrosion, electro-crystallization, dielectric constant, energy sources, semiconductor characterization , electroceramics, active electrode materials, biological objects, etc.


Name: Prof. Evelina Slavcheva, DSc., Director
Tel.: +359 879 110 720