Institute of Physical Chemistry Rostislaw Kaischew – IPC-BAS

The Institute of Physical Chemistry “Acad. Rostislaw Kaischew” is a leading academic institution performing fundamental and applied research in the field of obtaining and physicochemical characterization of materials. The main thematic trends include:

  • advanced materials and technologies based on electrochemically obtained metal, alloy and modified polymer coatings with protective, decorative and electrocatalytic properties;
  • nanoscale phases and phenomena, crystallization processes and production of glasses and glass-ceramics, incl. utilization of waste raw materials;
  • design, characterization and optimization of complex liquid media and soft nanostructured materials for applications in medicine, pharmacy, food and oil industries

IPC works closely with industrial companies in the fields of mining, metallurgy, mechanical engineering and electronics. Currently, IPC is a partner in the Center of Excellence “Mechatronics and Clean Technologies” and Center of Competence “Clean Technologies for Sustainable Environment – Water, Waste, Energy for the Circular Economy”, funded by OP Science and Education for Intelligent Growth and the implementation of the National Research program National Research Program “E +: Low Carbon Energy for Transport and Domestic Use”.Since 2010, IPC has been the scientific and technical coordinator of INFRAMAT, an infrastructure of the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructure. IPC participates in INFRAMAT with equipment and leading researchers with high expertise in the field of electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and tomography methods, thermal analysis, electrochemical methods (including corrosion tests), and analysis of surface properties in liquid systems. These competencies are closely related to the main objectives of INFRAMAT.


Name: Prof. Vessela Tsakova, DSc
Tel.:+359 2 979 2557
Email: tsakova@ipc.bas.bg
Website: http://ipc.bas.bg/page/en/home.php